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Version 4.22.1 (Yuzu) Maintenance Release Notes


Release Date: December 9, 2021


Platform version 4.22.1 was available on December 9, 2021. This is a maintenance release focused on bug fixes. Learn more about the release below. For detailed information about individual items, refer to the Platform Documentation Center.


  • Box connections no longer disconnect after failing to retry a limit error during a token refresh.

  • All sites are now visible when connected to the tenant root on Microsoft Office 365.

  • When migrating from Box to Google Shared Drive, “Editor” permissions are now translated to “Content Manager” to retain equivalent permissions between platforms.

  • Cloned Jobs copy the the target URI.

  • A fix was made to prevent the “tracking data is disconnected from the root” error when files change on the source platform.

  • A change was made to ensure files are properly deleted from NFS.

  • Files with no extensions are no longer transferred as directories to Amazon S3.

  • Updates prevent items from being flagged with “The account is not authorized to perform the requested operation” when migrating to Box using a user account map.

  • Changes were made to how filtered content affects the byte limit. Filtered content will be counted towards the byte limit on the initial job run only. If a filter rule for a job has not changed or if the file has not moved from the initial status of filtered, the file will not be included in the byte limit on subsequent calculations.

  • Job counts respect the concurrent jobs setting and will not increase the thread beyond what is configured.

  • Permission resets no longer cause root-level permissions to be applied to all items.