Version 4.15 Release Notes

Version 4.15 (Raspberry) Release Notes


Release Date: April 8, 2020


Platform version 4.15 was available on April 8, 2020. This release focused on connector improvements, including work to support Syncplicity storage vault authentication (SVA), SharePoint 2019, and Documentum. The release contains several beneficial new features and enhancements as well as several fixes. Learn more about the release below. For detailed information about individual items, refer to the Platform Documentation Center.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for SharePoint 2019 has been added to the Microsoft SharePoint connector. Learn more here.

    Important information for customers currently using a SharePoint 2019 connection
    Customers already using a SharePoint 2019 connection should review the new sanitization rules outlined on the SharePoint connector documentation page. These rules will be applied to new content moving forward. Existing content may be sanitized when changed or renamed. The new rules will also be applied to all content when using the Hard Job Reset option. Since this option removes all tracking data, all content is handled as new content, and the sanitization rules will be applied. Newly sanitized file names may not match previously transferred file names, which can result in duplicate files being uploaded.

  • Disconnected connections can now be deleted in the user interface without having to refresh the credentials. Learn more here.

  • When selecting the path for a new job, the modal now displays the full path hierarchy.

  • When viewing transferred content on the Items tab in a job, you can hover on the location path to view the full path in a tool tip.

  • Remote Sites now support Impersonation.

  • Remote Sites now support OAuth 2.0 connections.


  • Fixes to convention jobs now allow users to specify the target directories for the source and destination when creating jobs in the user interface.

  • The Validation tab updates to properly reflect content removed from the destination source in Simulation Mode.

  • The Hash comparison on the Metadata import no longer creates custom metadata.

  • Group Mapping in the user interface now displays a Load more link to ensure the full list of available groups can be viewed.

  • Job Filtering is properly disabled when selected on the Advanced settings page when creating a job.

  • The Sharing Insights for a Report group properly renders.

  • Refreshing the page in the Remote Site manager no longer redirects to a bad URL.

  • Reports now generate in the Remote Site manager.

  • Jobs can now be duplicated on Remote Sites.

  • Fixes made to prevent duplicate IDs ensure users can create an OpenText connector in the user interface.

  • Filenames that contain periods are properly handled when transferring from OpenText to another connector.

  • Migrations to Office 365 properly handle files with % in the filename.

  • Modifications to the SharePoint on-premise connector solve an issue where users couldn’t create a connection to a specific site URL when the tenant has anonymous support enabled.

  • Fixes to the Egnyte connector ensure access to user folders.

  • An issue where Powershell scripts using the CLI did not read from the standard in some environments has been resolved.

  • Impersonating a user with just email now properly transfers content to the proper account for ShareFile connections.