CLI: Sample Scripts

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The CLI references “skysync.” This is expected.

PowerShell and Node example scripts can be found within the skysync-cli project at ~skysync-cli/samples.  A summary of the available scripts is below.


This sample demonstrates how to natively use client SDK in node for following steps:

  • Obtain SkySyncClient object with provided credentials

  • Create an NFS connection

  • Create Office 365 connection

  • Create a sync job

  • Start the job

  • Delete all sample jobs

  • Delete all sample connections



Basic NFS to Box Copy Job Sample

This sample encompasses the following steps:

  • Authenticate using an external file

  • Create an NFS connection

  • Create a Box connection

  • Create a copy job

  • Start the job

  • Delete all transfer jobs (preserve system jobs)

  • Delete all connections, except for the 'My Computer' connection

DryvIQ Migrate Version:
Release Date: February 9, 2024