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Items that were unable to be transferred by the DryvIQ Platform will be flagged for manual remediation. Items can be flagged for many reasons, and in some cases, still transferred to the destination platform. Each item is a package, consisting of the media itself, version history, author, sharing, and any other metadata. DryvIQ ensures all pieces of the item package are transferred to the destination to preserve data integrity. When an item is flagged, DryvIQ is indicating that all or some portion of this failed to migrate.

All migrations require some amount of manual intervention by the client to move content that fails to transfer automatically.

  • Note that simulation mode is recommended prior to a production migration to assess potential content that could fail to transfer and the reason.

  • Simulation mode can also be used to adjust the job parameters to achieve a higher number of automatic remediation successes.

General Reasons Content does not Transfer

Errors from Source and Destination Platforms

This is a broad error category that indicates DryvIQ was prevented from reading, downloading, uploading or writing content during content transfer by either the source or destination platform provider. Each situation is dependent on the storage provider rejection reason and will require manual investigation to resolve.

Insufficient Permissions

Many platforms may require additional permissions in order to perform certain functions, even for site administrator accounts. These permissions typically require a special request from the storage provider. For example, content that has been locked, hidden or has been flagged to disable download may require this special permission request from your storage provider.

Scenario-Specific Configuration

Content on your source storage platform is diverse, and users across your business will structure their data in a wide-variety of different ways. A single one-size-fits-all project configuration may not be suitable and can result in some content not transferring to the destination platform. DryvIQ will assist in assessing these situations to help provide custom, scenario-specific configuration that may workaround the issue that is preventing the transfer.

Disparate Platform Features

Each platform provider has a given set of features that are generally shared concepts in the storage business industry. However within each storage platform, there can be behavioral or rule differences within these features, and aligning these discrepancies can be challenging. Features such as permission levels (edit, view, view + upload, etc.) may not align as an exact match to the destination platform, or file size restrictions or file names may need to be altered to conform to meet the destination platform's policies. DryvIQ will attempt to accommodate these restrictions through configurations in the system; however, not all scenarios can be covered in a diverse data set.

Interruption in Service

DryvIQ must maintain connection to the database at all times during the transfer process. If there is an interruption in service, DryvIQ will fail the transfer as it is unable to track / write to the database.


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I validate my content transferred successfully?

Verify the Destination: DryvIQ will report all content that has transferred to the destination. Log into your destination platform and verify the content is located as expected

DryvIQ is reporting items in "pending" or "retrying" status. What are my next steps?

Run the job again: DryvIQ defaults to retrying the job 3 times to reconcile items that are in pending/retry status. Depending on your job configuration, this may occur with the defined schedule or you can start the job manually.

Review the log message: DryvIQ logs a reason why the item is in pending/retry status. On the job "Overview" tab, click on the Transfer Details breakdown status "retrying." This will direct you to the filtered "Items" list. Select the item then click the "View item history" link on the right toolbox.


DryvIQ is reporting items in "Flagged" status. What are my next steps?

When an item is in "flagged" status, this means DryvIQ has made all attempts to transfer the file without success, and it requires manual remediation. 

Review the log message: DryvIQ logs a reason why the item has been flagged. On the job "Overview" tab, click on the Transfer Details breakdown status "flagged." This will direct you to the filtered "Items" list. Select the item and click the "View item history" link on the right toolbox. Review the message and determine if you can resolve on the source platform.

Review all flagged items: These are the recommended ways to view all flagged items: export the flagged item report or review the "Flagged Items" page. 

1. Export the report:

a. Select the job and go to the Items tab.

b. Filter by Status: Flagged.

c. Select Export this report. This saves the items to a CSV file for review.

2. Review "Flagged Items" page. From here, you can:

  • Retry or Ignore individual items.

  • View Item History for individual items.

  • Link back to the job to which the flagged items is associated.

  • Export all Flagged Items report.


DryvIQ Migrate Version: 5.7.1
Release Date: May 17, 2024