Soft Job Reset


Job reset options control how DryvIQ will reevaluate the tracking state or permission propagation on the next job execution. Soft job reset will preserve all previous tracking data and allow DryvIQ to reevaluate all content, rather than only detecting content that has changed.

After the initial job run, subsequent runs leverage the change detection feature, which allows DryvIQ to focus only on transferring content that has changed rather than evaluating all content. This ensures efficient transfer performance. However, not all platforms track changes the same way. A Soft reset will preserve all previous tracking data but allow DryvIQ to reevaluate the entire content hierarchy to ensure all content is transferred based on the given job configuration.

When a Soft job reset is selected in the UI, the job will automatically start the next execution if the job is not currently running. Note that reset options aren’t available for system jobs.


PATCH {{url}}v1/jobs/{{job}}?reset=soft

Reset and Start Job

This will reset and start a job with one call. 

PATCH {{url}}v1/jobs/{{job}}?reset=soft&start



DryvIQ Migrate Version:
Release Date: April 4, 2024