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Version 5.2.1 Release Notes

Version: 5.2.33521.3376

Release Date: July 14August 4, 2022


DryvIQ platform Platform version 5.2.1 was available on July 14August 4, 2022. This release focused on improvements to Microsoft and Box connectors. The release also contains several is a maintenance release that includes an update to the Google Workspace connector and bug fixes. Learn more about the release below. For detailed more information about individual itemsany features mentioned, refer to the DryvIQ Platform Documentation Center.


This release includes rebranding from SkySync to DryvIQ. You will see the DryvIQ logo in the application after updating, and references to the platform will now be DryvIQ. All functionality in the platform remains the same. The Documentation Center is currently being rebranded, so you may still see references to SkySync, but those will go away over the next few weeks. You can read more about our rebrand on the DryvIQ Website.




Connector Updates

Google Workspace

When creating a Google Workspace connection, you can now choose to create the connection with read-only access. Note that this requires that the Google account used to create the connection have matching access writes. Learn more here.

Microsoft Connectors



  • A blank screen no longer displays when viewing additional pages of the group map in the user interface.

  • Updates were made to the SharePoint online connectors (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams) per Microsoft’s suggestions to improve overall job performance.

  • A new configuration option was added to the SharePoint Online connectors to disable batch upload file validation on the initial transfer. This helps alleviate rate limit issues. Learn more here.

New Configuration Options

  • New configuration options were added so you can set the type of reset DryvIQ should perform. You can set the reset type globally or per job. Learn more here.

  • A new configuration option was added so you can choose to skip setting Owner Preservation if there is an error while uploading a file/folder to the mapped owner. Learn more here.


  • When retrying a previously failed move event, the platform will not produce a “The path cannot be made relative to parent” error.

  • Inherited permissions on NFS are now properly detected and applied to the destination.

  • The Box connector was updated to not make an API call for each file version when using native event change detection.

  • The CLI was updated to correct an error after installation.

  • DryvIQ will no longer produce an "Item could not be located in the storage platform" error if items already exist on the destination during a Microsoft Office 365 batch upload.

  • Updates to the Microsoft Office 365 connector correct issues with retrieving folders from custom site collections with a subsite.

  • The OpenText connector was updated to fix an HTTP timeout issue.Dropbox for Business Team Folders connector to prevent legacy team folder accounts from producing a “Value cannot be null” error during job execution.

  • Additional logging has been added to help troubleshoot failed notifications.


Updating the DryvIQ Platform does not update the Command-line Interface (CLI). If you use the CLI, you should update it when you update to a new version of DryvIQ to ensure the CLI is current. Run the CLI install command to update the CLI.