DryvIQ Migrate Release Notes

DryvIQ Migrate Release Notes

Current Version:
Release Date: February 9, 2024


DryvIQ Migrate version 5.6.1 was available on February 9, 2024. This is a maintenance release that focuses on updates to Box connections. Learn more about the release below. For detailed information about individual items, refer to the DryvIQ Migrate Documentation Center.

New Features and Enhancements

  • When files are identified as not containing shared links, the Box connector will now skip calls for retrieving them. This helps limit the number of API calls made into Box.


  • The Box connector was updated to correct issues with Box Notes rendering due to list items and headings that used advanced formatting.


Updating the DryvIQ Platform does not update the Command-line Interface (CLI). If you use the CLI, you should update it when you update to a new version of DryvIQ to ensure the CLI is current. Run the CLI install command to update the CLI.  

Previous Release Notes


New Features and Enhancements

  • Link remediation has been added to the Link Detection feature, so DryvIQ can now update the identified links, eliminating the need for manual remediation. Learn more here.

  • An update was made to the “Move” transfer type to support moving duplicate files (multiple files on the source with the same name and extension) to the destination if the platform supports duplicate names.

  • For SharePoint Online migrations, desktop.ini and .ds_store files will be revised and included in the revised file count.

  • The Amazon S3 connector now supports permissions. However, the Amazon S3 permission structure affects how DryvIQ can apply permissions. Learn more here.

  • DryvIQ now offers a Hitachi HCP Anywhere connector. Learn more here.


  • The Box connector was updated to manage the rare instance where the Box API returns duplicate items when DryvIQ request items in a folder.

  • Files filtered using an “Include” policy will have the correct “SkipReason” field populated in the database.


New Features and Enhancements

  • DryvIQ tested and verified the Dropbox connectors (Dropbox for Business and Dropbox for Business Teams Folders) are compatible with the new Dropbox for Business Teams Spaces 2.0. You do not need to update existing Dropbox connections as DryvIQ works with both versions of Dropbox for Business Teams Spaces.

  • The Google Workspace connector was updated with a new setting that allows DryvIQ to impersonate a file owner when deleting an item. This prevents items from being flagged when the file owner is different than the current impersonated user, requiring less manual remediation. Learn more here.

  • The Microsoft SharePoint Online connectors were updated to support vanity URLs.

  • When adding permission preservation settings to items during job creation, you can now choose to preserve only shared links. Learn more here.


  • Restoring deleted items to the destination no longer results in multiple copies being created with # appended to the name.

  • Because Google does not allow downloading of native link files that appear on the Google platforms, DryvIQ now filters these files out of the migration job and logs the skipped reason for reference.

  • A fix was made to ensure the Reports page in the DryvIQ Cloud environment loads.

  • A change was made to the SharePoint Online connectors to refresh the server time zone to ensure proper timestamps for on-premises and customer-hosted deployments.

  • Filtered items are now properly labeled as “ignored” rather than being added to the flagged items.


New Features and Enhancements

  • A new option was added to the Author Preservation settings that allows you to preserve authorship of the destination root folder. Learn more here.

  • The Box connector was updated to improve how DryvIQ pages large amounts of content to improve transfer performance.


  • Changes were made to how DryvIQ handles sharing to external users for Microsoft SharePoint Online connectors to ensure requests show up in External Access Invitations.

  • An update was made to the Box connector to ensure duplicate files are not created when DryvIQ encounters errors when transferring content.


New Features and Enhancements

  • A new “Account/Group Unmapped” Revision filter has been added to the Items page so the grid can be filtered to show just unmapped files. Learn more here.

  • To ensure performance, the permissions export available on the Sharing Insights page has been limited to one million rows. Learn more here.


  • The Network File System (NFS) connector was updated to prevent errors from being produced when using read-only accounts for the connection.

  • The SharePoint Online connectors were updated with the following fixes:

    • Microsoft CSOM will be used to ensure external user notifications are sent when this option is enabled for the connection.

    • Permissions added using shared links will be preserved when migrating between SharePoint connections.

  • The Office 365 application registration has been updated to show “DryvIQ” instead of “SkySync.”

  • The Egnyte connector was updated to fix the following issues with metadata mapping:

    • Metadata mapping to date fields no longer fails.

    • An issue with setting and retrieving date fields in Egnyte metadata templates has been fixed. This included adding support for metadata timestamp values using the yyyymmdd format.

    • Requesting the metadata schema for an Egnyte connection through the REST API no longer produces an error.

  • Root permissions are now properly transferred from the source to a SharePoint Online document library.

  • Jobs will now correctly read the source and destination targets when only the platform ID is used to create the job through the REST API.

  • An update was made to the account mapping logic to include the username in the hashing calculation to improve performance for account maps where only the username is available.



  • When applying permissions to individual files, DryvIQ will apply permissions after the first version is transferred rather than after all versions have been transferred. This will prevent “access denied” errors when transferring versions with author preservation.

  • Updates were made to the SharePoint Online connectors to use fewer Graph API requests when processing items during a delta run, which should result in faster job runs.

  • The wording on the Licensing page was edited to ensure it reflects the functionality available on the page.


  • Updates were made to SharePoint online connections to properly manage duplicate folder names on move events.

  • OneDrive for Business connections now properly display user folders so the file path can be specified when creating a job.

  • DryvIQ now successfully creates the target folder when the folder name matches the SharePoint Site name.

  • Migration jobs using SharePoint Online connections now handle European local settings datetime formats correctly on Windows Servers for additional edge cases.

  • A fix was made to correct a regression in version 5.5 to ensure scheduled transfer or policy jobs are added to the intended scheduler, eliminating duplicate entries in the database.

  • The "Downloading content is not supported for file" message is now an error rather than a warning. Items that receive this message will be added to the Flagged Items so you can choose to retry or ignore the items. This change is not retroactive, so items that received this message previous to 5.5.1 will still be flagged with a warning.

  • Items flagged as “Retry” in a job no longer produce a disconnected tracking error.

DryvIQ Migrate Version:
Release Date: February 9, 2024