Version 5.2.6 Release Notes

Version 5.2.6 Release Notes


Release Date: December 6, 2022


DryvIQ platform version 5.2.6 was available on December 6, 2022. This was a maintenance release that focused on configuration updates and bug fixes. Learn more about the release below. For detailed information about individual items, refer to the DryvIQ Platform Documentation Center.


Important information for Box users!

DryvIQ made changes to its API to ensure additional calls are made to Box to prevent missing data on the destination due to an issue with the Box API not respecting the number of items requested in a call. Therefore, DryvIQ recommends that all customers who have a Box connector update to the 5.2.6 release. If you upgrade to 5.2.6 and notice missing data on the destination platform, perform a soft reset on the job. This will ensure any missing items get transferred.


  • Updates were made to the Box connector to compensate for the Box API not respecting the number of items requested. This caused DryvIQ to not make additional requests for items, potentially missing events from Box. The changes ensure additional requests are made to include all files.

  • The default value for the “"skip_batch_validation" configuration setting is now TRUE. The specified SharePoint connector will not perform a post batch upload validation using the Microsoft Graph API. The results of the batch job will be used to determine if files were successful. By skipping post batch upload validation, DryvIQ will be making fewer Graph API calls, which should reduce rate limits and increase job throughput.


  • Updates were made to the Box Notes rendition to prevent line breaks caused by font formatting and to prevent a column width value error when converting tables.

  • Fixes were made to notification emails to ensure notifications are sent on initial upload using the migration API and to prevent notification emails from being sent to all users on a permissions reset.


Updating the DryvIQ Platform does not update the Command-line Interface (CLI). If you use the CLI, you should update it when you update to a new version of DryvIQ to ensure the CLI is current. Run the CLI install command to update the CLI.  

DryvIQ Migrate Version:
Release Date: February 9, 2024