Version 4.20 (Watermelon) Release Notes

Version 4.20 (Watermelon) Release Notes



Release Date: April 30, 2021


Platform version 4.20 was available on April 30, 2021. This release focused on adding link detection as an optional option in the job settings and various user-interface enhancements. The release contains other beneficial new features and enhancements as well as several fixes. Learn more about the release below. For detailed information about individual items, refer to the Platform Documentation Center.

New Features and Enhancements

  • DryvIQ now offers link detection as an option when creating jobs to identify any links in the files. Learn more here!

  • DryvIQ now supports creating Office 365 (SharePoint Online) connections at the site collection, eliminating the need to create a connector for each site individually. Learn more here!

  • Account and Group map exceptions and exclusions can now be uploaded from your computer or from the source platform. Learn more here!

  • When creating a job through the user interface, you can now set the number of versions you want to retain between the source and destination when enabling version preservation for a job. Learn more here!

  • “User account mapping” jobs have been renamed “User job mapping” to provide more clarity about the job function. Additional enhancements were made to the job creation screens for this job type to improve the workflow. Learn more here!

  • The “Disconnect” option for connection maintenance is now “Delete” to better reflect what the option does. Learn more here!

  • The tooltip that shows when hovering on segments in the graphs on the Overview tab for individual and roll-up job reports now includes the number of items and the percentage that segment represents of the overall content. Learn more here!

  • The ability to hover on long titles to view the full title has been added throughout the application. You can use this feature in the grids on the Connections, Jobs, Flagged Items, and Items (both in Jobs and Reports) pages.

  • DryvIQ has made minor revisions to the end user license agreement (EULA). You can review the revisions on the DryvIQ Website.

  • DryvIQ upgraded its FiddlerCore integration to improve gathering logs for traffic. FiddlerCore is considered the default method for gathering logs for assistance from DryvIQ, and any issues with using it should be reported as High Priority issues to your Support or Services representative. Learn more about using FiddlerCore here!


  • Changes were made to the Box connector to prevent unintentional link sharing. When links are shared to specific invited people, DryvIQ will ignore the link and add the item to the audit log with a message that the item was skipped due to global sharing policies.

  • Personal Drive Mapping jobs can now use LDAP connectivity on the source.

  • DryvIQ no longer displays an “Item could not be located” error due to invalid characters.

  • Mirror deletes now properly occur re-uploaded and deleted files.

  • The tilde (~) was added to the SharePoint restricted segments list, and “0xFFFF” was added to the invalid characters list. This will prevent "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" and "The item could not be located within the storage platform" errors.

  • Items will now be properly removed from the Flagged Items once they are successfully transferred.

  • Items that are in retry will properly move to a different status once the system hits the maximum number of retries.

  • When Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive for Business is the destination connection for sync jobs, document folders are no longer created source when they do not exist on destination.

  • Changes have been made to the Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive for Business connections to prevent an error when attempting to transfer more than 50 external permissions.

  • Changes made to either the source or destination during a sync job no longer result in the error: "The tracking information for item XXX is disconnected from the root. This could indicate corrupted tracking data. Please contact support."

  • SharePoint multi-value metadata fields now correctly migrate to Box.

  • SharePoint Online document library permission inheritance remains unchanged when using the Graph API when running jobs.

  • A fix has been made to prevent high memory usage on jobs with large number of items migrating to Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive for Business.

  • When Egnyte is the source connection, Folder Mapping jobs at the root of an admin connection now start without an error.

  • Google to Google migrations no longer trigger external sharing notifications if notifications have been turned off.