Setting up DryvIQ Using REST Services


It is possible to set up DryvIQ using the REST API. This page provides sample calls you will use. 

Test Database Connection

POST /v1/admin/db/test {"provider":"sqlserver","connection":"Server=server;Database=dbname;Integrated Security=true;","embedded":"false"}

Set Database Connection

PATCH /v1/admin/db {"provider":"sqlserver","connection":"Server=server;Database=dbname;Integrated Security=true;","embedded":"false"}

Create and/or Update Database

POST /v1/admin/db/upgrade

Soft Reset

POST /v1/admin/restart

GET Reset and Application Status

GET /v1/admin/status

GET Service Configuration 

GET /v1/admin/config

Activate License

POST /v1/licensing/activate?usage=true {"key":"myKey"}

Accept EULA

PATCH /v1/admin/config/acceptEula

Create Admin User

POST /v1/users {"login":"admin","password":"Passw0rd!"}

DryvIQ Migrate Version:
Release Date: February 9, 2024